HumiSys LDP2
HumiPyc Model 2
Micro Pycnometer
HumiPyc Model1
                                                    True density measurements from 0 to 150 Celsius.
µL Pycnometer dedicated to true volume (density) measurements of  small sample amounts
from milli to micro liters.  

HumiPyc  Model 1   Gas Pycnometer (helium, nitrogen, air) / Density and Moisture Analyzer
with temperature control from sub-ambient to 50 C
True density measurements at precise RH and temperature conditions (pressure from vacuum to 50
psi (345 kPa), and relative humidity 0-100%).
RH analysis in the pressure and temperature range,
sorption and kinetic data from multiple headspace extraction.
Designed especially for density
measurements of
fine powders and foams.

HumiPyc  Model 2  a new model of enhanced gas pycnometer (helium, nitrogen, air) /
Density and Moisture Analyzer/ Filter Integrity Testing - Bubble Point and Pressure Decay Analyzer, a
member of
 NEVA ™ series; No Elutriation Volumetric Analysis

HumiPyc  Model 2F (Foam) Gas Pycnometer, complete solution for foam volume
(density) measurements.

HumiPyc  Model 2C (Cement+ Blaine method) Gas Pycnometer, complete solution
for cement volume (density), porosity, fineness (specific surfice area) measurements.

Read about  
Filter Integrity Testing using HumiPyc & HumiSys HF and about Bubble Point & Pressure
Decay Methods for characterization of filters / membranes.

Design Advantages of HumiPyc Gas Pycnometers
  Model 1  and  Model 2ThermoPyc
V-GA™   high capacity, modular design, robust
and fully automated gravimetric analyzer for
sorption/desorption, kinetics, and
studies at a fraction of cost of other systems.
Addition of a special cell allows measurement of  
WVTR,  pervaporation, and permeation rates ..
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Gas (helium) Pycnometers Designs
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Gravimetric & Permeation Analyzers
Complete Analytical Solutions
Supporting Products
solution for cutting of foam samples
We can provide assistance and solutions for
customer applications and customize our
instruments or design new ones to solve
particular problems.  
V-GA2™ enhanced design and larger sample
chamber size of flow-type gravimetric water vapor
sorption analyzer
HumiSys LDP
Versatile and unique design  of Low Dew Point
Generator for "Mars like conditions" studies.
Windows-based software allows automatic control of
the instrument from PC ........
and more
HumiSys HF  High Flow  a mass flow
controller based, high flow (up to 50 L/min), high
temperature, and multi-sensor relative humidity
generation system. Fast response, wide flow
range, fully automatic and manual operation, and
easy integration with a larger analytical setup make
it ideally suited as a valuable R&D tool for a wide
variety of applications requiring an accurate and
stable source of water vapor. Modular and "open
architecture" design allows for customization to
address high pressures operation and other needs.
HumiSys LF  Low flow
Designed for special applications (instrument
specification) and OEM applications.
HumiSys™XR  Extended Range  is a
versatile water vapor generator designed for variety
of custom applications requiring relatively low flow
rates and extended relative humidity (RH) range
regulation in the sub ambient temperatures region.
The modular design of the system, ability to work in
different sensors and hardware configurations, and
versatile PC software allow for easy integration with
other analytical setups..
V-Gen Dew Point / RH Generator
Designed for easy interfacing with other equipment
and can accept external sensors, like RTD, RH
probe, or Dew Point Analyzer for relative humidity
measurements. Microcontroller board, ancillary
electronics, firmware software featuring simple
command language and digital protocol for
transferring RH and temperature data from
Rotronic HygroClip probes (16 bit resolution) are
added to model 1.
Recommended for fully automated  applications
and calibrations purposes:
automatic operation via
sophisticated PC software for experiment design
and control,  
any master controller can use the
command language to control the generator via
serial port,
versions with up to 50 psig output
pressure available.
HumiSys MF  is medium flow rates version of
the HumiSys HF (High FLow) RH Generator. Peltier
based cooling system allows for enhancing low RH
spectrum, especially for  ambient temperatures
(and below)  applications that require humified
stream of low relative humidity. Custom RH
requirements can be easily adopted. Designed for
easy interfacing with other analytical equipment
where higher flow rates are needed then in the
HumiSys LF (Low  Flow)  or V-gen RH Generators.
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